This article was probably brought to you by Uber, or at least one of its paid shills.
Dwain Leland

What a sad and thoughtless response to an excellent article.

We’ve advanced as a civilization on the basis of rational thought. We’ve cast off superstition and emotional tirade or whim to the careful construction of rational thinking.

If there is *any* problem with this article that you can discern using rational means, the I would say have at it.

What this writer has provided is the beauty of the price system. It is is well known and well understood… and has been for many generations.

It’s almost miraculous in it’s simplicity and it’s beauty… how it instantly re-configures itself, even in times of crisis, to the task of getting the needs of people met.

It literally provides for “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"

Those drivers who are able, are now paired with those with need.

If this mechanism has value (who would say it doesn’t?), then it also has monetary value.

You would know this if you needed to get to the airport, and your big football fan roommate was watching the game, and said he would normally drive you to the airport, but the game was on.

“Dude, I’ll pay you $20… ok, $50, but we gotta go now.”

You’re paying him to give up something he values… to benefit you.

It’s no different for uber drivers.