Well, Ryder Spearmann, this is awkward.
SF Ali

Wow… so you abandon the issue at hand… and go full personal attack? Truly amazing to me.

We’re not in a fight, at least I’m not. You have this adversarial tone…

I clearly said that minus a witness to your Starbucks story, why should we expect that you acted differently there, as you do here?

Tell me how that’s not a valid perspective.

I also clearly said: “ It’s clear to me that your account, sans witnesses, should not be taken at face value.”

Here I acknowledge openly that a witness to your account was necessary before your story was taken at face value. I stand by that. *This is why we value witnesses* in our society.

And I accept your video as witness… so I accept your story as, generally, true.

(because I am reasonable like that).

Though it is still missing the most important part: The hate crime.

It’s interesting that you’ve run up against someone with strong feminist values. You should have told me you ran up against a Feminist, and I would have believed you instantly! :)

And STILL… no hate crime identified? You’ve said there was one, twice, but have not described it, or shown it. No witness to that part. I see a cop defusing a disturbance.

I think you ran into an obnoxious feminist… and that really doesn’t count as a hate crime.

“ Now I made you famous. Consider yourself dismissed. Fuck you, and fuck your opinions.”

“ You are a disgusting excuse for a human being, an unrepentant racist, victim shamer, anti-black bigot, fragile white boy, and rape apologist, beneath engagement, beneath crediting with the time and energy of intellectual labor, beneath being taken as anything but a pathetic troll who fucking sucks at trolling.”

Now I know how you felt at Starbucks! (hypocrisy much?) (I made a video of this… you know… in case someone doubts me) Thanks for the coffee, King!

What would we do without the religion of peace…

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