I was wrong about Trump voters
Michael Baharaeen

Y’all could just ASK those that are happy Trump won… and we’d be happy to tell you.

Simple facts the left won’t listen to:

1 — The right is not racist, and quite frankly, doesn’t give a shit about your race.

2 — The right wants to export America because American ideals, as imagined in her first 200 years… are exceptional… so BY EXTENSION, the right does not want to import inferior cultures/ideas. What would be the point of that?

(common sense)

3 — In keeping with #2, immigrants must come to America in order to adopt American culture as their own. To become American. This is the notion of assimilation. If they are unlikely to do so… then they are not welcomed.

4- In keeping with #3, immigration must be TIGHTLY CONTROLLED and LIMITED in numbers that are compatible with assimilation. Flooding any region with a foreign culture can and will tax/overwhelm American society at local levels.

You will note the common theme: Keeping America, American.

So simple, you missed it.

Either America is a valuable thing in her own right, enough to save, or she isn’t. Those that would violate the 4 simple ideas above implicitly do not value America, nor see her as exceptional.

If the left has ever made a solid case for importing inferior cultures and incorporating them into America… I’ve never heard it.

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