Of course. How do you think I know this. Take a look:
Amber Lisa

Yeah, that’s bad. And I saw no reaction from cops… Though I read that he was arrested for it. His name is reported as Richard Wilson Preston. He should have been arrested on the spot.

But it is also not how you portrayed it.

In Charlottesville, a white supremacists protestor screamed, “shut up nigger” to a black counter protestor and fired his pistol at the man, but also into the crowd.

You entirely (and rather conveniently) omit that we DO see someone using a flame-thrower like device (certainly not military grade), aimed at people *before hand*. You ignore that he probably didn’t fire AT the man (because he was not hit), and also fired only once, low and into the dirt. This is what some people might call a warning shot. Not defending it… just saying it doesn’t match your description.

You also ignore, conveniently, that the cops didn’t react to the flame thrower… and the video suggests why. They could not see it happening.

IF, as you suggest… they let this happen because it was a white guy shooting a black guy… it makes no sense, because the cops in the video could not see either man. Their color could not have been a factor… but you pretend it was.

WHY would you intentionally omit a previous attack with a flame device… and speak only about the response? Corey Long is apparently the man with the flame weapon… who also happened to be wearing a black mask and black hat. And so far as I know, he was not arrested.

So the truth of the matter seems a bit different than your account:

Black dude attacking whites with a flame throwing device at rally gets a single warning shot from a white guy.

White guy arrested, black guy not arrested.

Newsflash: they are both major assholes, and both should be in jail.

Yet you pretend it’s a “black lives don’t matter issue?” Then why the hell is Corey #1 Still alive. #2 Not in jail?

To get where you took us, you had to spin this pretty hard… to make Corey the victim.

If you are a black guy shooting flames at marching Klansmen… I mean c’mon… are you REALLY going to side that level of violence and idiocy combined? Because *at some point*, you absolutely get to shoot people threatening you with physical harm. He’s *really* pushing it.

To me… and I said this before… these assholes are two sides of the same coin.

Also if the white dude wanted him dead, he would be dead. Plenty more unused bullets where the first came from.

I support neither of them… but you seem to be siding with one major asshole, and against another.

The obvious difference is race. Can you explain yourself here? Do you just automatically side with blacks?

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