No, the other side would be laws that bar women from saying sexual things to men.
Melinda Briana Epler

Yeah, you’re not getting it.

You’re in a bubble. You only see what matters to you.

Being in your bubble, you don’t see the onslaught of sexualized messages, tailored to affect men, 24/7. And you don’t know what that’s like.

Might as well be a dog living in a world where every other person is blowing a dog whistle. And it’s intentional. Women spend billions a year to boost their ***attractiveness*** (think about what that word means. It does not mean “look good” or “look professional”). From modifying themselves prosthetically, surgically, cosmetically… specifically to heighten sexual attributes.

YOU think sexual messages are verbal (ban them!). Men think they are visual.

No. Men KNOW they are visual. To shut off those sexual “comments” from women, you’d have to be mandated by law to dress more like this:

The way feminists want it, they’d place fresh donuts in a police break room every morning, then fire a cop for looking at one.

Feminists have been focused on themselves for so long, that they can’t see anything else. And they are so threatened when any other view is presented, they instantly dismiss or attempt to silence them. They threw families under the bus, children under the bus, and men certainly… under the bus… not to mention freedom of expression, and even the cherished right to be presumed innocent before the courts just to chase an increasingly petty and hyper-sensitized alternate reality.

Dear feminists… women are not the center of the universe.

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