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You will recall my two simple questions:

“Which (Russian) government official did the Whitehouse contact?”



You’ve answered neither of these questions… though you seem to be saying that they met with the “Crown Prosecutor of Russia”… but somehow this meeting has never been reported to have happened. How can this be?

This is how: You are dealing with innuendo… as I already predicted.

Either the Whitehouse contacted a Russian official and colluded to rig an election **or they did not**.

Since you are totally unable to say that they in fact met a Russian official, nor have you been able to say when this happened… you’ve obviously failed.

Because ONLY ONCE THIS IS ESTABLISHED, can I ask you how you know what this mystery official discussed, and how this discussion led to rigging the election.

Re: “my views on Trump” You may not have noticed… I’ve offered no views on Trump.

Lesson to everyone: If someone asks you “who”, you had better be able to provide a simple answer: A name.

If someone asked you “when”, you had better be able to provide a simple answer: A date.

If you can’t do this… then you are just playing games.