LOL you’re funny dude.
Em Loeb

You’re throwing around views now, that have not been raised nor challenged in any way.

In other words, you’re simply busying yourself with other things, simply to avoid discussing what you said originally which was:

“ Feminism is advocacy for equal rights, not women being elevated above men. It’s toxic views like this that make having a conversation about inequality so hard.”

You have been fortunate enough to have run into someone that can focus on an issue or topic for more than just a few seconds.

We have a claim, by you, about what feminism “is”. If your definition is true, then you would be able to test it, and see that feminists advocate for equality, instead of for women or against men.

Unfortunately for your position, feminists have an almost perfect track record of ONLY seeking “equality” when it means improvements for women, and almost NEVER seeking “equality” when it means women lose.

In other words, a one way street.

For example, women have been pressing hard, for decades, demanding that they be paid the same as men, but for doing less work… and safer work.

In other words: “we want to earn the same as men, while doing less”

Equal when it means money in their pockets… not equal when it means working more, or in a more dangerous situation.

Protections in the workforce is yet another: Instead of harassment laws to be gender neutral, feminists worked to have language in law called “the reasonable woman standard”.

Over time, men’s advocates have been able to start to change this in some states to read “reasonable person”.

Here is the great Feminist HRC fighting hard for equality in registering for selective service:


and on, and on, and on, and on…

But the biggie is when feminists ORGANIZE to SILENCE events that they even suspect advocate for men…

And in Canada


… fought by feminists *who had never seen the film*.

Even though Netfilx refuses to air it (yay feminists!) it can be rented on iTunes, or seen free with Amazon Prime.

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