My decision or my Father’s decision

LaVar Ball is the worst sports parent ever! LaMelo Ball is one of the best basketball players in California at Chino Hills High School. LaMelo is 16 years old and plays basketball at his local high school right now and has already verbally committed to UCLA at the age of 13. Just by committing to UCLA one of the best Universities in United States can already tell you about the talent that this young boy holds. Not only does he have incredible talent, but so do his 2 brothers, Lonzo and LiAngelo Ball. Lonzo was 2nd draft pick for the Lakers and started off at UCLA and LiAngelo is a freshman also at UCLA. These 3 brothers are making big moves and succeeding day by day, but recently LaMelo has been the topic on every website and talk show. Starting on Monday LaMelo’s father, LaVar will be taking him out of school to be home schooled so he can help him with basketball. The issue is that some people don’t think it’s necessary to take him out of school to get better at basketball considering his other two sons did perfectly fine while being in school. Others think this is a great idea and agree with LaVar Ball’s decision.

How would you feel if you had no more interaction with your peers, no more school dances, and no more experiences of high school, therefore no more memoires for the rest of your high school years? This is exactly what LaVar Ball is taking away from LaMelo. Parents always want their kids to succeed and go above and beyond because they know we can do it, but sometimes they could take it too far. If LaMelo gets out of school just to pursuit his basketball career he will not have the same experience that most high school teenagers will have. Now it might seem very good because he is stopping school for basketball and so he can hopefully be in the NBA, but later in life he might regret the decision that was made and be mad at his father LaVar. USA Today had a lot to say about LaVar Ball as a parent and LaMelo. USA Today got a statement from LaMelo which was very interesting and true. “LaMelo told ESPN that leaving school won’t matter because he’ll see his buddies when they come to his house to train. But you don’t spend your life surrounded by your buddies, and school is when you start learning how to navigate relationships with those who aren’t.” Nancy Armour

I found this quote interesting because it ties back into my point when stating he won’t get the same high school experience. In high school you learn a lot of things, you make good and bad decisions so you know how to learn from them so you can do better next time. “Staying at his high school isn’t going to diminish LaMelo’s talent as a player. The same can’t be said for his development as a person.” Nancy Armour Your parents can not teach you everything, so if you’re home schooled then you’re more likely to be pampered and not make decisions for yourself. This means when going into the real world you’ll be lost considering everything was easier for you. Also, high school develops you as a person because every year you will go through something but it will only make you stronger because it will make you the person you will become. The point trying to get across is that LaMelo’s development as a person might not be as strong as it could be if he stayed in school.

On the other hand, we have the side were people think that LaVar decision was very good. It is always good to see other perspectives when looking at this topic, but for some reason I couldn’t understand them because of the side that I am on. People believe that since he has done so good with his other two sons that he knows that he is doing with LaMelo.” LaVar, also the father of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo and UCLA freshman LiAngelo.”Bob Cook LaVar is a smart man and knows what he is doing, I mean look how his other kids turned out. From most articles I have read they all conclude that they’re other sport parents worse than LaVar Ball. LaVar sees so much potential in his son and he wants him to reach his highest peak. He believes that he’s son deserves so much more than what LaMelo’s new coach is offering, so LaVar thinks he can take his son to the next level by himself. Also, people have come to a point that LaVar has made the right decision because making LaMelo go to school when he doesn’t want to is a waste of time. According to TYLT they state that

“Having LaMelo Ball in a classroom when he doesn’t want to be there would be a waste of everyone’s time. Ball wants to play basketball and knows traditional academics will take attention away from living his dream of making it to the NBA. With homeschooling, Ball will be free to work on his game and play AAU ball without the annoyance of rigged academics. This is the best move for him.” Tylt

With this quote being said I highly disagree with it. I understand the point that they’re trying to make, but it has no logic behind it. The way I think about it is the way it would affect the child later in life. Mentally LaMelo can turn out to be unhappy some point in his life because everything is so pressured now. Although, basketball is what LaMelo likes, but now he will only be focusing on basketball with no social life which he might regret having. I guess this goes along with being a part of the Ball family.