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You global warmers have gone all chicken little. There was just published a paper that explains that the earth is wobbling at the poles. This is causing changes in the tilt of the earth in relation to the sun. This in turn is effecting the temperatures at the poles. These changes in tilt have happened before earlier in the earths existence. There were tropical conditions at the south pole with jungles and dinosaurs ! There is reason to keep pollution under control, but the pollution we have isn’t enough to cause the polar ice caps to melt. It’s the changes in the tilt of the earth. Al Gore and knuckle heads like him want to create panic so they can skim big profits from all the government hustles that have been put in place like carbon credits. The scam here is you spend millions on new equipment to improve ( reduce ) your carbon out put. The Government lets you sell the amount of ( tons ) carbon you say you reduced to Al Gores company. Then Al Gore the middle man can sell those tons of carbon credits to a company with belching smoke stacks, so they don’t get fined by the EPA, at a nice profit. It is cheaper for the smoke stack company to buy carbon credits and belch more pollution than to fix their problems. Net Net there is little change in the amount of pollution, just an increase in Al Gores bank account. Where is the pea follow the pea. This is the kind of thing crapola you get with Hillary Clinton when she gets elected.