Found This Band: Grails

Today at work in a small office where my boss has a direct line of sight to my computer screen (HI) I’ve been listening to Grails.

Grails is an “experimental instrumental” band that formed in 1999. They play repetitive, groove heavy post rock and also mellow effects driven ambient stuff. It’s really good. The sounds span from making me wonder if I’m listening to a complex American Beauty soundtrack b-side, an amazing videogame soundtrack, a break in a Mastadon song, or a new wave jam band. I almost didn’t want to say jam band.

Grails was recommended to me or somehow linked to other bands I listen to for bg music (post-rock & ambient electronic stuff) on Google Play. Thanks Will for Play. Will also got me a free Blue Apron box because I drove him home from a Julien Baker concert last night. Wherever you are, say “Thanks Will” aloud.

At some point Grails “adopted a louder, more aggressive style” (says Wikipedia). I like that. Their new album is called Chalice Hymnal.

With 1999 as a formation date for Grails I had some anxiety about posting this, and it speaks to a larger anxiety about this series (it will be a series until I stop discovering new music, then I might as well be taken out back and shot). After typing and deleting 5 sentences of explanation, I’ll just say: Having listened to a band in the past shouldn’t reduce the opportunity for them to move you now.

Here are 3 YouTube videos that should convince you to support them by buying their albums and merch:

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