Protecting the truth in the age of Trump
Todd Milbourn

This article is at least 8 years too late to be believable.

My hope is that the level of digging done on my President is done on the next and the next and the next. To this day I am still not sure exactly what a community organizer does. Specifically unsure about what one in particular did. Where was the media digging in on a memoir written by a pretty recently graduated Harvard Law student? Years later it is revealed that the ‘people’ in his book were are really compilations of people. You can keep your doctor — remember that one? Was it ever believable that we could increase coverage and enrollment of high risk individuals and not cut quality of care yet save money (maybe those private meetings with insurers and Pharmcos were about performing that alchemy)? Why was there no journalistic crusade to ask the question ‘what is the root cause(s) of rising health care costs?’…because it strikes one with sense that it’s difficult to solve a problem without understanding the causes.

My other hope is that the reporting that does focus on facts also learns about objectivity. NPR does an especially good job of factual reporting. Unfortunately they pick and choose their facts to fit their agenda. Fox does this too, so they are oddly complementary; in a way equals. I think both would be appalled by that assessment — good!

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