That’s a good word, behemoth. It conjures a big hairy lumbering beast that destroys everything around it because it is clueless, not evil. Like a grizzly bear I suppose. I imagine while you are being eaten alive, try not to do that by the way, the thought “you know, this really isn’t the bear’s fault” must pass through your mind. Anyhoo, in my particular context the behemoth tends to be the problem type I tend to focus on. The multi-factor, arms up in frustration, abandon all hope type of issues that people write books about. Good times!

I for one work, and have worked most of my career for large corporations. Massive networks of systems that are much better at recognizing problems than doing anything about them. So after years of making myself miserable trying to get the others on the rungs next to me to move past agreement I thought I’d scream it at another behemoth, the internet itself. Even though this other beast can be as uncaring as it’s corporate step-brother, at least the motivations are different.

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