University of Self

If you live long enough, and (a crucial part coming up here) you pay attention, certain patterns emerge. Patterns of behavior that orbit around your daily life. They occur at home, at work, and in the disquiet of the mind. Think back, have you ever asked yourself “am I cursed,” or “why does X always happen to me?” If you have, you may be neglecting to ask a more important question. “Maybe it’s me?” The short blunt answer is that it most certainly is, and even if it isn’t, there is very little you'll be able to do about it. Perhaps we are all tiny black holes that relentlessly draw in what’s around us. However, unlike a real black hole, we seem to be able to pick the light we draw in, and sometimes, we love to draw in the darkness don’t we? Hey, accidents happen, I’m not getting all new age on you, but if you always seem to date people with brown hair, two small dogs, one deceased parent and a love of pirate themed theme parks, it’s probably your thing. Your pull on that type does not require your awareness, much like gravity, it’ll blissfully work without your knowledge, but it will benefit from increased scrutiny. So take time to take note of the themes in your life, the good and the bad, as they both pull from the same place, yourself.

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