Where Will You Go?

Rylee Gering


Finding a place where you can relax and socialize or even get some work done can be hard to find at times, but everyone needs a place to go. Whether you’re at work, home, school, or even a hotel, it’s nice to have a place to go that isn’t yours once in a while.

Typically, most places like these have just what you need, most people just don’t know about them or, they don’t ever even consider giving them a try.


At Western Washington University(WWU), on the North side of campus in Mathes Hall, there is a main lounge that fits many of the needs a student might have. Much like the dorms at Washing State University (WSU), when you walk in to Mathes the first thing you see when you look to your left is the main lounge. With its five seperate sitting areas and ten outdated, plaid couches, there is always plenty of space for everyone in Mathes. There is lots of natural lighting from the windows that surround the walls and a large amount of open space to occupy. To top it off there is even a grand piano for students to use. I noticed that much like Mathes, the lounge at WSU was large and spacious with many couches, yet it was terribly dark and vastly empty.

Mathes Main Lounge

Students use the main lounge of Mathes for many different reasons. For some it is to study and do homework, whether that means in a group or on their own. For others it is to socialize and attend events that go on there. This is probably the case for the majority of lounges in buildings like these.

Because of the socializing and activities that go on in the lounge it can be quite loud and sometimes hard to study and get work done. It would be nice to have a place that was partially seperated from the rest to allow a quiet space for students that might need it. Though in doing so it could make the lounge smaller which could effect the events and activities put on for the students there.

Even though creating a seperation could make the space smaller it could help to bring in more students to use the space because of the convenience of having a quiet space to get their work done. One solution to this could be a temporary wall that can be taken down during events to utilize the space. Another option could just be designating a specific time of day to being a study space for students so that they don’t have to change the actual, physical space.

Either way, giving the space designated quiet time, or making a seperate study space, it would greatly impact the students choice to study in the main lounge.

If you need a space to study, work, socialize, or just enjoy a good book I would recommend trying your community lounge as a start, it’s always a good place to meet new people or have a little alone time in a new space. Whatever youre looking for, it may be just the space you’re looking for!

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