Millennial’s and Storytelling

In the current industry of advertising it is very easy to reach your target market, however I think that is much tougher to keep peoples attention, especially millennial’s. Currently so many screens are competing for our attention, so for millennial’s I think we now have this expectation of a story not only getting our attention, but keeping our attention. We also see stories get retold over and over, so I think for us it is not really about the contents of the story, but it is really important how the story is told, especially with new and interesting visuals we have not seen before.

The Reddit Logo (

Current stories that get my attention are articles on a popular social media site, “Reddit”. I enjoy scrolling through this website because I can casually just browse, or I can go to specific “Sub-Reddits” which all have specific themes. For example, is a sub-reddit which is dedicated to users sharing their unique short stories with the internet. This is an example of some of the content that is available on Reddit. There are tons of sub-reddit’s with stories for every niche, even more serious ones like news, politics, even stories from people working in retail.

I definitely think that I enjoy certain stories based on my personality and my demographic. Of course a good story can appeal to anyone, however with so much content that is out there, being able to choose what my stories will probably have included makes a big impact on how much I enjoy that story. Companies should definitely use this knowledge when promoting their advertisements, because if they attract people who have an interest in the product or story then they are going to be more likely to actually pay attention until the message is delivered.

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