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We’re excited to announce that Rylo has been acquired by VSCO, a high-end photo and video editing app with more than 2 million subscribers. Our mission has always been to connect people with their inner creative and by joining forces with VSCO we’re able to bring our photo and video tools to many more people around the world.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to help our users capture and share shake-free, horizon-leveled, cinematic videos and our hope is to continue to develop superior video editing experiences with VSCO.

While our focus is shifting exclusively to software as part of this acquisition, customers can continue to use their Rylo camera and app. Rylo for iOS, Android, and macOS will remain available for download until January 31, 2021 and continue to work beyond that date. The camera can be purchased from Best Buy while supplies last and we’ll continue to honor the one-year warranty terms and offer support for the duration of the warranty.

We’d also like to use this opportunity to thank all of our customers and community for your support throughout the years. We could not be more excited to join a company like VSCO where we can continue to build products that help people unlock their creativity. We hope you’ll join us for this next part of our journey with VSCO. For more information about what’s next, please join the VSCO community and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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