Alternative DNS is getting more popular, with many tech savvy homes and businesses opting for things like [Google Public DNS]( or []( to try to improve their connections. Using specific public DNS servers instead of your ISP’s router-provided DNS has many advantages, including faster DNS responses, less spam when you ask for something that does not exist, etc…

What most users are not doing, however, is encrypting their DNS traffic. Software like [DNSCrypt]( allows you to make DNS queries private in the same way that SSL (https) makes web traffic private. The obvious advantage here is that using this in…

Apple is moving out of the server market. Since they no longer plan to maintain any other server software, they should move Profile Manager to Linux,, or at least cross-platform.

  • Since most tech firms maintin at least one linux server, moving Profile Manager there means not having to maintain an entire Mac, its updates, security, etc… just to have some bulk device management. This technical debt is very real, and can be quite time consuming.
  • Macs also have very poor support at the moment for 10G networking. Most hardware is third party, and the driver constantly requires security approval after…

It was August of 2016 when I first published Benchmarks for the Top Server-Side Swift Frameworks vs. Node.js. In October of 2016, I updated to barebones Ubuntu in Linux (Ubuntu) Benchmarks for Server Side Swift vs Node.js. Since then I have received a lot of great feedback, as well as some recent requests for more, and I agree that it is time for an update. I have gone back over to macOS, reformatted my 2012 base Mac mini, and updated all the blogs to their newest versions, including the complete overhaul of Vapor that is Vapor 2.


This study focuses…


I put macOS first on my list very intentially. My biggest wish this year is that Apple gives macOS some much needed attention. Ask any developer or pro user in the Apple platform community and you will probably find that a majority agree that Apple has pushed the Mac a little too far onto the backburner in favor of iOS and the iPhone. I have a strong feeling that this is good for profits short-term, but I also feel that pro users and developers are essential for an ecosystem to grow and flourish. …

While Server-Side Swift is production ready in my eyes, I know that it can be difficult to recognize where to start or what will fit your needs. Based on my own research and experiences, here is an overview of each of the popular frameworks.

I have mentioned this in past talks, but it is definitely worth repeating here: You should try all the frameworks and see what works best for you. I have even done benchmarks in the past, but really you should never pick a framework on speed alone, or any other single metric. Give them all a try.


I got a LOT of feedback from my original Server-Side Swift Benchmarks. One of the main areas that feedback focused on was getting benchmarks on Linux, so here you go!


This study focuses on getting benchmarks for Server-Side Swift vs Node.js on Linux, but also contains updates for Perfect 2.0, Vapor 1.0, Kitura 1.0, Zewo on Swift 3 (HTTPServer 0.14), and Node.js v4.5.0. Since the last study, many improvements have been made by all the major frameworks, as well as various syntax changes.

Organization of this Post

This document is laid out in the following manner:

  • This quick intro
  • Results Summary
  • Methodology
  • Detailed Results

Edit Oct 7th: Checkout my Follow Up: Benchmarks for Linux (Ubuntu)


Recently I was working in Server-Side Swift, and I was asked the question:

“Can Server-Side Swift beat Node.js?”

Swift as a primary language for everything, including the server, has been intriguing since it was first open sourced and ported to Linux. Many of you are assuredly as curious as I am, so I’m very pleased to share the results of my study here.

The Top Server-Side Swift Frameworks

At the time of writing, the top Server-Side Swift Frameworks (Listed in order of Stars on GitHub) are:

Organization of this Post

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