Shopirater Review

The eCommerce automated review generator ALL-IN-ONE for Shopify and WOOCOMMERCE.

In this Shopirater Review, we will take a look at an add-on to your store. And we will answer the question — Is it worth it?

ShopiRater is the only app today that allows Shopify and WooCommerce store owners to set-up and automate incentive-based review campaigns and viral email traffic campaigns that help grow your store and brand for you.
In just a few clicks you can automate campaigns that give away bonuses, coupons, free products, and more in exchange for a positive review for your store that targets previous buyers. Then, for those who left a positive review, you can have ShopiRater ask them to refer the product via email using a special widget for an extra bonus/incentive to drive traffic.

Plus, this is a great way to add value, help distinguish yourself from similar stores, and build your brand and tribe right off the bat.
But, that’s just the start. You can add email automation sequences to upsell or cross promote products, add social proof and fully customize your product reviews widget, and way more.

Here are some features of Shopirater:

  • Run automated campaigns that give previous buyers coupons, bonuses, free products, and more in exchange for a review.
  • Ask those reviewers to share the product with their friends for an extra discount or coupon driving traffic to your store handsfree.
  • Use our drag/drop page builder to create gorgeous incentive pages to convert visitors into positive reviews, showcase related products, ask users to share their review with friends, or just engage more with your brand!
  • Get full control over your reviews and catch negative or unfair ones before they impact your store.
  • ShopiRater can followup multiple times with those who didn’t leave a review or click a link and can follow-up with those who DID leave a review asking them to share it on social for automated traffic.
  • No need to pay for an external autoresponder. You can use Shopify’s built-in emailer or even connect your own like SendGrid for great inboxing.
  • Add FAQs like Amazon, customize the color scheme, add thumbs-up, thumbs-down features plus more to increase social proof. Users can even submit a picture of themselves or video using the product for social proof or your ads.
  • ShopiRater can let you customize your bonus download page and auto-deliver the link to reviewers that left a real review.

Check demo and see how it works!:


Shopirater Review — Why you need this?

This software will help you build a strong brand and eventually make you more money (you want that, don’t you?)

The most interesting fact is that this tool is an ALL-IN-ONE solution. Built-in e-mail autoresponder is one of the biggest con. The price of Shopirater is much lower that pricing of an autoresponder (even up to 500$ annually). Let allow your work to set up it properly.

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