Church Crush

Have you ever seen an amazingly beautiful lady with all the right features walk right beside you and right there you decide “This girl can’t have all this beauty and be single, no ma.. Based on logistics, man must step up and holla.” Praise the Lord, you’re not alone in this, I have been there too.

Every Sunday, I go to church to listen to the undiluted word of God from my pastor. I try to keep my focus on Jesus, The Worship and The Message but I won’t lie to you there can be several distractions. My church has many fine girls and I try as much as possible not to talk too long to any one I don’t know too well in order to avoid stories that touch. However, there’s one sister I couldn’t get off my mind.

She is the definition I gave in the opening paragraph. Always sitting somewhere around me, this fair babe could pass for a mammy water. Her skin is soft like the baby they used for Vaseline advert, no kidding. Everything about her seemed “set”, she even speaks in tongues and her voice is usually the loudest when prayers start. I told my friend, “I don see potential crush, I will say hi next Sunday.”

Between then and the next Sunday, I found her IG page, followed and even wrote under one of her pictures “Beautiful”, hoping she would recognize a brother and at least follow back.When she didn’t, I didn’t take it personal. I just waited till Sunday for the right move. After service, I shook hands with a few people beside her so it wouldn’t seem too obvious that it was her I wanted to really shake. Brothers and sisters, you won’t believe it, when I brought out my hand to shake her, she reluctantly brought her hand. She slightly touched my hand like I had some communicable disease she didn’t want to contact.

After this unpleasant encounter, I advised myself to calm down and assess the situation. The next time, I tried to say hi with the best smile I could muster but it was met with the same cold reaction. I started wondering if I had bad breath or body odor. It was non of the above, it was how she viewed me. She probably saw me as the guy who will never buy her a Lambo or a Porshe. I definitely wasn’t the “Husband” she had been kabashing for. If only she could look beyond the present, into the future.. Maybe she was short-sighted. Well, the “crush phase” died and I’m glad things turned out the way they did. Moral of the story is you may not be loved in return by those you seek to love, keep looking, love is somewhere around the corner waiting for you.

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