To Plus or Not to Plus…
M.G. Siegler

I’ve got the Jet Black iPhone 7 and prefer the smaller footprint. I’ve had Pluses in the past but they are too cumbersome and hate pockets. Also, I use the iPad quite a bit and prefer the real estate when I want to live large — I’d opt out of the Plus then anyway.

The smudges don’t bother me. I’m aware of the finish and always try to leave my hands Cheeto free prior to thumbing it anyway. I pretty much always go without a case so I’ll be interested to see how the abrasions stack up over time.

The upgrade to full gamut and contrast makes for an amazing display and I won’t be taking studio photos with this thing.

I think the Plus this year, over previous, makes the least compelling argument to cave in to. Doesn’t feel like an upgrade as much as a niche choice.

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