M.G. Siegler

I’ve seen varying remarks on the Pixel.

However, the consensus is just as you’ve noted; finally an iPhone competitor. Seems like wishful thinking to me. Everyone wants more parity in this space. And a lot are placing the bullseye on Apple. Being the first to predict the downfall of the iPhone appears to be the pursuit of many.

Tech is a fickle industry. Eight years ago Apple was the David in this scenario. Not any more. Can’t have too much fun, they’ll come for you too as Paul Mooney would say.

I’ve been a big Apple proponent for decades. Still am. Having a real competitor though will keep pressure on Apple to deliver and I’ll likely benefit from that so here’s to hoping.

Moving on to Belichick and tabletgate. His anal approach just isn’t 2.0 compatible. New fangled tech will always have connection issues or blue screen in the worst situations. Reviewing plays on the sidelines is super time sensitive — not a lot of room for latency of any kind.

Microsoft products wouldn’t be my choice when having to use plug and play peripherals, like QBs, when it’s game time. Belichick is the master of “it just works”.

Unless it’s a drone, I don’t see much advantage for a Patriots + Technology equation.

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