Being Careful About Your Time
M.G. Siegler

Storytelling vs. Comprehension

Wonderful read on what so many of us dread from our calendars. What I’ve found is that not only are meetings a time suck and often inhibit productivity, but as they fill your calendar you’re left with disappearing availability. Playing Tetris with your time is confining and limits what the remaining spaces can accommodate.

Reading, researching, and writing may be shaped differently than the vacant spaces. And then it stacks up until the game is lost.

Meetings, to me, tell a story. The time away from such doldrums allow you to unpack and comprehend.

I prioritize comprehension over storytelling. Progress is only made in learning and then applying the new knowledge. So, I only allow meetings to be scheduled in a finite space which allows me to fit the Tetris pieces in more often, keeping the board clean and winning the game.

Not everyone has the luxury of measuring their own time which is why I strongly advocate finding ways to do so. Arresting control over your time is really the only freedom you have. As stated, it’s the only commodity that cannot be purchased or replenished which makes it the most valuable commodity of all.

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