Punctiliously Elegant
M.G. Siegler

Twitter is doing very well as of late between the debates and Thursday Night Football. The live events are great and I think really showcase the shared conversation value of the platform.

Clearly there are hashtags and @ mentions all over media that work in their favor. So much ubiquity there.

I also believe there’s a lot being left on the table. There are many more ways Twitter can leverage live events of all kinds, compete with AirTime on shared experiences, and more. Premium features should be made available for income blah blah blah.

Then we get to the price. $15B. And yeah, the suitors have the capital for this but that’s a lot of money. There’s a ton that could be had for that, and less, money.

I don’t want to see it go away either. I enjoy it quite a bit. I’d like to see Google buy it, perhaps. I think Twitter can spin this up on their own, though, with new leadership. And I want in.