Sexism is Hard to Explain
Kel Campbell

Hi Kel, appreciate that you shared this.

I’m sorry to focus on the door part, but it really got me thinking. Asking myself if I’m trying to be a hero, or what is my motivation for holding doors. I know I’ve seen that annoyed looks before.

I realized I also have seen the same awkward or annoyed look by all the guys I’ve held the door for. It’s purely based on distancing and timing if I hold the door or not. Sex is not a factor. I just don’t want to let the door close right before someone reaches it. Feels rude.

You are correct that there are lots of things I can’t relate to. The shushes would really piss me off. Some people are just jerks, and while they may shush you, they maybe apply the same rudeness to a man in the form of interruption.

Anyway, I know you aren’t looking for answers, or even male response, but I’ll definitely be more aware, observant, and hopefully less annoying/offensive around people at the office.


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