Woodbridge-based GoOpenBox.com competes with Big Lots

Toys & Games

Buyers looking to leverage much more buying power using their dollars can now consider GoOpenBox.com, a new internet site offering deep discount rates on overstock and wide open box merchandise. Built on a model of getting products that have been overstocked, came back, or received minimal cosmetic damage to your packaging, GoOpenBox acquires in which merchandise and offers the idea for sale through their e-commerce site at a significant savings compared to the original retail price. In addition to openbox merchandise, GoOpenBox also offers returned, renovated, and some brand new products at prices down below that of even conventional overstock stores, such as Massive Lots.

While there are several online players giving savings on their own returns and overstocks, such as Amazon online.com’s Warehouse Deals, the GoOpenBox model acquires those products from a various retailers, gathering the very best deals together in one convenient location. GoOpenBox has a wide range of products, including electronic devices, small appliances, family goods, video games as well as accessories, tools, and much more that leaves these well positioned to be able to compete with other an online success outlet stores, such as Overstock.org.
GoOpenBox.com’s success is predicated on the belief that consumers haven’t much time or tolerance for retail shopping, prefer shopping online, and so are willing to purchase items which were deemed unsuitable for sale at retail store due to return or damaged packaging to acquire significant price discounts. The success of eBay, TJMaxx, along with other outlet stores indicate in which GoOpenBox may well have tapped into a model for which consumers are hungry. To further enhance their appeal, GoOpenBox is accessible via mobile programs, delivers products within sealed original or perhaps brown boxing, and will be offering free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount that may vary by point out, but typically appears to be $50 or more for most spots.

GoOpenBox.com Low Rates Model

GoOpenBox states that a lot of their merchandise arises from retailers who bought too much stock, things that were returned, or even which received modest cosmetic blemishes on the packaging while in shipping. In addition, they also offer you open box and refurbished products. They will purchase from merchants all across the globe, including 7 in the top 10 retailers inside the U.S. All returns and open box items are entirely tested to ensure they are inside proper working order, or perhaps they are returned to some fully functional state. With regard to consumers who may be concerned with the quality or operation of purchasing open package items, there is a 30 guarantee on all products which ensures consumers will be satisfied with their own purchases.
 — In an economy where shoppers demand rock bottom rates and slashed for the bone discounts, GoOpenBox delivers yet another alternative for that cost-conscious consumer. Market styles indicate consumers treatment less about the product packaging and the prestige of brand new items as well as unblemished packaging coming from high priced retail people than they do within maximizing their purchasing power. Today’s buyer wants a deal. If it continues to hold accurate, then GoOpenBox stands a superb opportunity of success.

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