Chapter 10: “Nakakapagpagabag” (Worrisome)

This is more likely to be the last full week of August “Buwan ng Wika” this past few days, I’ve been thinking outside my box which I normally would do, but it makes me worry so much that I’m thinking outside on another box (a box inside a box) I’m thinking more deeper, sensitive, crucial, futuristic. My thoughts are disarray. My mind is floating in space. Like I’m high or something (don’t do drugs).

But seriously whose dumb enough and confident enough to not predict their future or even think about it? I think no one, ofcourse if that will surely affect your entire life. Those things bothers me so much that it sucked me on another dimension (lol). I’m worried every second pass by. I’m worried I won’t be successful. I’m scared of any negative possibilities, because as probability defines “everything has a percent of possibilities”.

Afterwards, I realized things that I didn’t gaze even once. That made me think that this sh*ts is a piece of cake. I can do it, I simply can I know who I’am and I know I can simply walk with it, just some bruises and wounds along the way though it will heal I know it will leave scars yet those are souvenirs.

‘’Even if those possibilities would take place, I won’t quit not on my options. Withdrawing means your weak.’’

AUG 28,2016

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