Chapter 9: Eye of the Needle

This week is quite the hell for, from the phrases of mylife maybe this is the hardest of them all. This week my Mom told me to choose my own University to pursue my goal which is Medicine or Law and thats the catch I haven’t decided which of the two will I take.

Back then I really like to study Med then Cardiologist that was before hand I understand Law. If I took on Law first step is Accountancy which Allyna suggested I should take which troubled my mind and made me think wider than before. But on the otherhand, my Mom really wants me to pursue Medicine and be a Cardiologist which will thoroughly will take longer than 10 years.

So I’m still on the verge of choosing my course to study. University is infallible. My choice is final. Just the course I guess. Well thats my week undecided future professional work.

“courage will kill those fools who trust only their courage without mind”

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