‘’Failure are part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn you’ll never change’’

We all experience some harsh, but unforgettable challenges we’ve come across individually. Basically a life without sense of disappointment might be the most boring you’ll wish you’d have we try and immediately succeed? Boring. We succeed without trying? Boring. People change through experience with considerable aspects one of which is failure the opposite of success.

Failure is practically normal. Though it may affect you own life due to its result nonetheless it comes with lessons. Lessons that benefit them to see what are these behavior or attitudes they needed to change. Like a test inside a class they’ll took several test pass the other half and fail the subsequent tests, which you quickly notice. What will you do then? listen, understand, review, and pass those failed test in the past. Same goes to our life we try and succeed then again try and fail. You’ll look right at that failure and ask yourself what the heck is wrong? cogitate the said scenario look for the right decision and change.

We are destined to learn, yeah commonly through school/universities/campuses etc. due to some other facts some are not thought to us, thereafter experience some shady business. However, it really deepens on that person if he/she wants to change or not for the better or for the worst.

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