The blame game

Blaming someone for someone’s mistake won’t leap the pain that has been inflicted. We’re too blinded to blame someone who is bold enough to speak forward, than someone talking behind them while showing immoral gestures in view.

Well can’t blame you though you’ve read it, saw it, I think you don’t have any excuse to spout. Believe it or not. We spoke because we are arrogant to do so preceded by annoyance, maybe or maybe not, actions do speak louder than words. What do you think is more than capable to hurt someone a word spitted with arrogance or actions imitated by hatred?

Maybe saying words like such do hurt feelings, but showing someone I think deteriorates them even more. Before blaming someone with harsh words, take a good look at yourself.

I wasn’t saying this on behalf of the actions I’ve made. I’m saying this because your forgetting something important yourself did.

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