Are we still having fun?
William Lou

It was fun while it lasted, and now the rose-colored glasses had come off. This team isn’t winning a championship. I suggest to completely rebuild and have Norman Powell as our franchise player for the foreseeable future. Let most of the core walk, waive Demarre coz for sure no one will be trading for him. Sign Patterson for maybe 7M, have him teach Bruno and the 2nd string guys how to play help defensively. I’m pretty sure you can trade Jonas for picks or a more MODERN centre. Joseph has been declining ever since he made a slew of commercials (ala Bargnani), but with his contract I think other teams might take him coz he is cheap.

I’m big on Loyalty, but I think we should trade DeMar as well. I love the guys to death, but if we are really aiming to get a championship we need a more consistent №1 option in the playoffs. Time and time again DeRozan have been inconsistent in his trips to the post-season. Lakers might take him, but we might not get enough value out of him. But I’d rather tank next season than be heartbroken again when we go and face Lebron in the post-season.

I agree with Lou, the only way to fight with a LeBron, or a Steph Curry with KD, and a pair of almost superstars, is to have a Superstar of our own. Demar could have been that guy, but he could not be bothered to work on his Defense. I thank the players who have given us 4 years of exciting Toronto Basketball, but if we really mean business, and we want to win a championship. We got to LET THEM GO.