Moonshot Ideas for making a sustainable future

In my previous article, I wrote the current Climate Change status. The important things are energy demands gradually increase and we need to avoid using the fossil fuels. I want to make the sustainable future, so I share you my moonshot ideas about energy. If you have any feedback, please let me know!

1. Energy Distributed Network

Energy demands would gradually increase, so one solution is changing renewable energy. Fossil fuels are limited resources. I think that if we rely on fossil fuels to generate the energy, many countries would fight over fossil fuels. I definitely change this scenario.

However, I realize that some countries have surplus energy, on the other hands some countries don’t have enough. Also, I feel that some countries are good places to use solar power and some countries are good for wind energy.

Thus, I think if all countries in the world collaborate with each other, we could get enough energy to fulfill energy demands in the future.

Here is my moonshot idea: Energy distribution network all over the world like Blockchain

My proposal is that we make the global energy community and each country generate the energy based on demands. I think that decentralized consensus is important like Blockchain to monitor the unfairness.

It is tough work to make this network because we need to collaborate each other.

2. Nuclear Fusion Car

I want to reduce the internal combustion engine car to avoid the Climate Change. Then, what is an idea without the fossil fuels except for EV or FCV?

Do you remember the movie named Back to the Future? If you so, do you remember that DeLorean has the Reactor called “Mr. Fusion”?

Nuclear Fusion car is my solution to reduce the internal combustion engine car. I didn’t think that Nuclear Fusion Car could come true a few years ago, but General Fusion changed my mind.

Magnetized Target Fusion could make the compact reactor. I think that we could install the Magnetized Target Fusion reactor to a truck for next decade. If we made the Nuclear Fusion car, we could use this as a mobile power plant. Also, Nuclear Fusion could generate much electricity, so my additional idea is that we use the nuclear fusion car as an energy distributed network component.

3. Direct Energy Usage

Energy Loss is a huge problem in energy conversion process.

We widely used steam turbine for generation electricity, but this method has a lot of energy loss such as thermal loss and friction loss because it has some process to convert the energy. Therefore, my idea is that we use the energy directly as much as we could to reduce the energy conversion loss.

However, I don't have a concrete product image now, so I want to discuss with you. I think that compressed air energy storage and flywheel are close to my image but not enough.

4. Exchangeable powertrain

This is my optional idea. I want to spread the EV, but it would need time to spread all over the world because many people still like internal combustion engine than EV.

The Exchangeable powertrain is my idea in a transition period. It means that we make the automobile hoods as a powertrain unit. One day, if you want to ride the internal combustion engine car, you attach the internal combustion engine unit with your car. Another day, if you want to ride the EV, you attach the motor unit with your car. Thus, we could reduce the internal combustion engine usage time than current.


I recommend to watch the Astro Teller TED talk. I'm affected by X (former Google X) and Singularity University to think the moonshot ideas for making the sustainable future. I appreciate for them!