Growth Hacker

Nov 19 · 3 min read

Growth Hacker is relatively new academic area of marketing. Growth is growing, hacker is someone who hacks something. Vague, I know.

Now, I am interested in growth hacker, growth hacking. So, let me introduce the job, growth hacker.

Who is growth hacker?

As I mentioned above, growth hacker is a person who hacks growth of a business. When you hear this explanation, you may wonder what the differences between market and growth hacker are.

Marketer and Growth hacker


They both try to encourage the business to grow by using their business knowledge and experiences. Therefore, the understanding of marketing strategy and management is necessary to be a growth hacker.

In addition to that, they both have to be creative. Marketer and growth hacker’s job is to create effective strategy for the company. I will give an example of creativity of them later on. They sometimes approach their customers in surprising way.


The main difference is the attitude toward data. Marketer is a person who constructs marketing strategy for the business in order to make profit. For example, deciding 4P or conducting 3C analysis is their fundamental role. This indicates they tried to make strategy by their sense, in short. And the strategy continues for long term in most of the case.

In contrast, growth hacker uses data effectively, and they changes their strategy quickly if they judge the strategy looks like ineffective to provide profit. So, marketing tactics may be better to say. Thus, data-analysis skill and IT knowledge is necessary to become growth hacker. Analysing data yourself is important when you want to judge anything quickly.

What is necessary to become growth hacker?

It is said to be having IT skills, business knowledge, and data analysing skill is necessary.

Growth hacker is people who collects data, analyses the collected data, and provides effective business idea through the process. Moreover, he/she revises their business strategy with data collected from the business strategy.(Sometimes growth hacker means a team of growth hackers. The company separates this job into each roles.)

An example of growth hacker

One of the most famous growth hacking examples is dropbox strategy. Dropbox is a storage service, and maybe almost all people now know this service.

Dropbox gained huge amount of consumers by conducting inviting strategy. This strategy means that when a customer invites someone to dropbox, they both can get extra storage on dropbox. This results in increasing the amount of users sharply. All dropbox user tries to expand their storage by inviting, they had incentive to invite someone.

In this case, dropbox did not have to use their budget to advertise their product. Even though, dropbox could get enormous users to their product. Of course, they chased their data to understand the effectiveness of their marketing strategy.

This is just one example of their strategies, you can check other significant strategies on the link below.


Now, are you interested in becoming Growth hacker?

Let’s become Growth hacker!


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