Miso Chicken/Tofu Stir Fry ・ みそチキンライス・みそ豆腐ライス



This is a cheap and easy meal that I make multiple times a week! You can easily find the ingredients at any Japanese supermarket. If you decide to use tofu, make sure you choose もめん豆腐 — momen tofu, also known as firm tofu. If you can’t read Japanese very well, look for the characters もめん on the packaging, in the tofu section of the supermarket.

Miso Chicken/Tofu Stir Fry

Serves 1


  • About 200–250g of chicken breast cut into bite-size pieces, OR a handful and a bit of momen/firm tofu, cut into cubes
  • Half a brown onion (or a whole one if it’s small) cut into slices
  • Butter if you have/can afford it, otherwise just use the cooking oil of your choice
  • A root vegetable, such as a carrot or potato, cut into bite size pieces
  • A green vegetable, such as spinach, beans or peas — if spinach, cut into bite-size pieces, and cut long beans in half
  • Shiitake and/or enoki mushrooms — slice shiitake into bite-size pieces, and/or separate as much enoki as you want from the big clump, slice off the roots, and then tear it apart into small sections
  • About a cup of rice. You can wash it if you want, I’m not the boss of your rice

For the sauce:

  • Miso paste — 1–2 tablespoons depending how much flavour you’re feeling
  • Soy sauce — around 3–4 tablespoons
  • Mirin — around 2–3 tablespoons
  • Sesame oil (optional) — about 1 teaspoon

Mix all that stuff together in a bowl, and adjust the amounts if you want. Also, the miso paste won’t completely dissolve in the bowl so don’t worry, it will when it gets into the frying pan.


  1. Stick your uncooked rice in the rice cooker. Cover the rice with water until it’s just submerged, and then a lil bit more. Set it to cook.
  2. Wait until your rice cooker shows that you’ve got about 10 minutes left, and then start with the other stuff!
  3. First, heat a frypan over a medium-low heat. Add a thin sliver of butter/your cooking oil to the pan, and when it’s mostly melted/the oil is heated but not bubbling, add the sliced onion. Cook the onion until it’s beginning to turn brown, and then add your root vegetable.
  4. If using chicken, cook the root vegetable until it starts to change colour, and then add the chicken. If using tofu, cover the saucepan with a lid to trap the steam, as it will make the root vegetable cook faster.
  5. If using chicken, cook until the chicken is mostly white/brown/whatever shade of not-pink it happens to go, and then add your mushrooms and the miso sauce. Stir the sauce thoroughly into the rest of the veggies and chicken, so that it’s evenly mixed.
  6. If using tofu, when the root veggie has started to go kinda soft, add your tofu and mushrooms, and the sauce, and stir until the sauce is evenly mixed in with the tofu and veggies.
  7. When the chicken is no longer visibly pink/the tofu is hot, add your green veggie and stir. You can check if the chicken is cooked by taking one of the larger pieces and cutting it open. If it’s white inside, you’re good. If you think you need to add more sauce at this point, do it! You can’t really mess this up unless you like, empty an entire bottle of soy sauce into it. Don’t do that. No one needs that much sodium in their diet.
  8. When the green veggie has wilted (spinach) or gone a brighter shade of green (peans, beans) and the veggies are soft but not mushy and the chicken not pink, turn off the heat.
  9. Serve up your cooked rice in a bowl, and plunk your stir fry on top of the rice. Eat with whatever kind of implement you like (I use a spoon because I just want to shovel it into my mouth, that is the point of a meal like this for me).

Enjoy! Itadakimasu!

Version made with chicken, spinach, and potato. チキン、ほうれん、じゃがいも。







  • 200–250gチキン・一握りのもめん豆腐 ー 食べやすい切れを切る
  • 半分の玉ねぎ ー スライスする
  • バター・揚げ油
  • 人参・じゃがいも ー 食べやすい切れを切る
  • ほうれん・グリーンピース・隠元豆 ー 食べやすい切れを切る
  • 椎茸・エノキ茸 ー 食べやすい切れを切る
  • 1カップぐらい生米


  • みそ ー 1–2大さじぐらい
  • 醤油 ー 3–4大さじぐらい
  • みりんー2–3大さじぐらい
  • ごま油 (任意)ー1小さじぐらい



  1. 炊飯器で、生米を調理する。炊飯器は10分ぐらいで終わる時に、他の成分を調理して始める。
  2. 中火でフライパンでバターを溶かす。バターの代わりに揚げ油を使ったら、パンで揚げ油を熱する。バターを溶かした・揚げ油は温かい時に、玉ねぎはパンに入る。
  3. 玉ねぎは茶色になる時、人参・じゃがいもはパンに入る。人参・じゃがいもの色を変化する時、チキンを使ったら、チキンはパンに入る。豆腐を使ったら、人参・じゃがいもは早いで炊けるのために、フライパンが蓋をかぶせる。
  4. チキんを使ったら人にとって、チキんは白いになって始める時、ソースとキノコはパンで入る。豆腐を使ったら人にとって、人参・じゃがいもはソフトになる時、ソースとキノコを入る。ソースが均等に混ぜる。
  5. チキンは全部白いになる時・豆腐は熱いになる時、ほうれん・グリーンピース・隠元豆を入る。ほうれんが萎む時・グリーンピース・隠元豆は色を変化する時、ストーブを止める。
  6. 炊飯器からご飯は皿でサーブして、上にみそチキン・みそ豆腐をサーブする。


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