What Would An American Renaissance Look Like?
Coach Tony

I’m Canadian so it’s probably easier for me to think the #2 future can totally be real and just over the next hill if people want it.

I think what world #2 would make us discover is that a lot of brilliant minds were stuck flipping burger to pay for essentials. #2 mean that minorities now have the same financial power as others, that no “Americans”(in your example) is born without enough food to feed themselves, in the constant fear of finding themselves homeless and growing up sitting alone in their living room waiting to see their parents between work shifts.

In world #2 not only art, music, games, fiction and the like flourish but we see the birth of “hobby universities”, “hobby laboratories”, “hobby workshops” and hobby whatever the inventive mind needs to pursue the interest of its curiosity.

People who dream of helping others now can since they don’t need to worry about their rent or food anymore. They can volunteer in hospital everyday if that’s their thing or pursue knowledge like chemistry, biology and medicine not to get big jobs but to go in R&D and figure out the why and how of certain things, be it how our bodies really work or how to cure certain diseases. They don’t need to do it because the cure would make them rich (some people will pursue it for that reason of course) but because finding the cure will allow them to dispel more of the fears they have for his family and friends.

As fiction develop and create even more crazy image that push what is possible for human to create, the people who love to do things with their hands can take on the challenge and try building those things in their garage. That’s millions of people who wouldn’t have had nor the money nor the time to learn the skills to build those things now starting to devour both the free knowledge on the Internet and the paying knowledge of experts who can help them go beyond what they know. Inventing things becomes what some people do because it’s fun and some of them either start business from their discovery (getting robots to build the inventions) or sell or give the plans to industrious people who make it a reality.

Time becomes more valuable then money when it comes to charity and for once everyone has enough free time to consider sharing it without having to worry if that mean refusing a shift or reducing their life sustaining income.

Sure, maybe the first generation of that renaissance wouldn’t know what to do with themselves since they have been raised to kill curiosity and watch TV. But go down just one generation when then kids have their parents around with lots of time and not much to do and the kids will come up with plenty of questions that might not only become their own drive but also pull their parents from their torpor. When you have tons of free time and some income to use on hobbies and things then building rocket ships with the kids, exploring subjects you never considered looking into and taking trips to every museums around become interesting opportunities.

My bet is that a lot of educational activities would become lucrative business opportunities too.

Just ideas but I think you see what I mean.

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