Thank you! This is exactly the kind of discussion I wanted to spark with the Renaissance post.
Coach Tony

Well, realistically the conversation on basic income started a long time ago… It’s one I find very interesting and very revealing as to the awareness, empathy and generosity of people.

An other interesting example would be StarTrek where humanity has expended so much because of everyone’s participation that they have started exploring the universe. In the old movies when they go back in time and bring back a “modern day” women in their time, they talk a bit about how society is different and how she can spend her life studying if she choose too. (A treky would be more skilled to explain how that society is structures and all)

I also think that often, in that type of conversation, people mix up two very important concept: what the world owe us and what we deserve.

The world “owe” nothing to nobody. What it gives it gives out of sheer cosmic generosity and it can take it away anytime. Darn even a baby isn’t owed to live to 5yr old, if they were then no child would die so young.

The fact someone “deserve” something doesn’t mean that a) anyone will give it to them and b) that anyone is forced to give it to them. Someone might deserve to be put in prison and walk free, someone might deserve to be paid for their work and be cheated out of their earning, someone might deserve recognition and die unknown… what one deserve, one doesn’t necessarily get.

In the US every human is said to DESERVE free speech. Doesn’t mean that the person can’t be shush or silenced but by putting that belief as a RIGHT society try to encourage that everyone get a chance at Free Speech.

In Canada we believe that every human DESERVE health care. It doesn’t mean our system is perfect or that we successfully give it to everyone (or as much as everyone needs) but it guides how we make our health care decisions so to try to give it to everyone.

Personally I believe every human DESERVE enough food to not go hungry, a safe shelter where they do not need to worry about the cold or the rain and enough free time and ressources to develop their potential.

Now some people might not want to give those things to other people with excuses like that it would take things away from them personally… or that one who wants those things should work for them (which in the current system working for them doesn’t warranty you will get them)… or that not all humans deserve those things, only [insert colour, race, gender, lineage, last name, city of birth, …] are deserving and only they should get them. And I think the beliefs of who DESERVE what needs to be addressed first before any progress can be done toward the Human Renaissance.

Maybe a good start is to ask ourselves: do I deserve to have a basic income? If no then why do I believe I don’t deserve it? If yes then do my child will deserve it when they are adult? Then that other child there on the street? Why do I feel like one person DESERVE it and an other doesn’t?

What fears make people resist basic income? Are they afraid someone lazy will get something? Or that someone not lazy won’t get something? We already live in a world where we can meet someone who works 100 hrs a week and still not be able to pay rent and feed their kids while someone else has so much money that they will never spend it all in their lifetime… the world is already unfair would not giving basic income to a few lazy people be worth preventing all the hard working people from having it?

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