3 things that made me a happier designer

Ryan Morrison
Feb 10, 2016 · 4 min read

1. I only say yes to projects that excite me

What you don’t do determines what you can do. –T. Ferriss

We love our job. This is in no way a problem, but it can definitely lead us down the wrong path if we’re not careful. Especially when starting out, we have the urge to say yes to every project that comes in. Don’t do that. When we choose to only say yes to the projects that excite us, it’s inevitable that we will be happier and in turn produce better work. We can then proudly display this work on the interwebs to attract similar work and initiate a snowball effect of design happiness. ⛄

2. I live more

Every man dies. Not every man really lives. –Braveheart

In the book, Delivering Happiness, by Tony Hsieh, he discovers that through understanding of our true motivations, one would eventually realize “true happiness.” I found that work, I wasn’t passionate about, was leading me to an indirect path towards the pursuit of happiness.

3. I learned confidence and humility

People are so scared to lose that they don’t even try. –Yeezy

Not everybody will like our work, and that’s good. It’s like baking a cake. Many people choose to bake a perfectly average cake, knowing that no one will love it, no one will hate it. But if you decide to bake a delicious chocolate cake, know that not everyone will like chocolate, but many will love it. Bake the chocolate cake. Having the confidence to be bold when needed is 🔑 to doing good work.


One thing that I’ve done that made me a happier designer is that I listen to my inner self, looking for what what the #1 thing that made me want to work everyday. For me it was the “fun” in any projects. It drives my passion and direct it into constructive energy. –@jmdenis

What’s something you did that made you a happier designer?

Send me a message on twitter and let’s talk about it. I might even add what you have to say to this article (and give you credit of course).


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