Brain tricks… They exist

We make a fuss about the smallest thing, we take on more than we can handle and we even take on the idea that TIME is not on you side.

So you think you have a problem and its consuming you, everything is going wrong and you just can’t get out of it.

Ever think of getting outside of it?

different perspectives
“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”― Albert Einstein

So why did this old guy with a wise brain such words that are as simple as ….well even a 5 year old could understand?

Because he understood the power of the brain.

You experienced this before..surely:

You were doing a crossword puzzle or a puzzle in it’s own right and you Just COULDN’T solve this thing.

Maybe you took a 5 min break, maybe a longer break, maybe even days.

When you came back, it was simple and you knew the answer.

So the question is, did you always know the answer?or did you find the answer somewhere in the break you had? Hmmmmm

Challenging brains for decades

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could take that idea of solving puzzles and apply it to your life’s issues, like moola, studying to get clever at something or even kick ass at work or even better to be guru in your social circles.

If you understood how to do this every single time with puzzles don’t you think you will be able to take this idea and make it work for any obstacle in the road to SUCCESS.

def: SUCCESS: Many different meanings to success…so it basically means to get the results you aiming for, but I will rather say, the fulfillment of your aim.

Well to be honest the first step acquiring this skill -IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT- would obviously be get your ass in gear.

Basically to solve the problem you have, you just have to step outside of it and get the advice from your primed mind.

This skill is simple and easy but it can take a while for you to develop, though with a structured framework, you could cut the time more than 70%.

What you could do is take conscious step forward in the right direction, so you can get focused on the little issues.

Get it sorted and literally take over the world from there on out.

Go Here,

Be ready to receive your first action step to the puzzle of your life’s Success.

One Piece at a Time
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