I’m glad this essay intrigues you.
David Biddle

I’ve been a tad bit busy and not attentive to Medium. Thank you for your kind words and compliment.

As you seemed to have gleaned, I am not a Randian (of either first name) nor am I an adherent of Objectivism. I’m much to liberal for their’s or my own tastes.

It sounds as if you and I both celebrate the creative person whether genius or not.

The purity of creativity as it wells forth from within an individual and is not restricted by social, religious, governmental, or corporate entities is a thing to be encouraged. Even more so when that creativity is equally accessible without false barriers imposed by the previous mentioned groups or others. Of late as I enter the final stage of life towards death I’ve focused more on simply encouraging creativity without regard for the result. Besides the above named groups as potential limiters, there is the self-imposed limitation of doubt and fear. Internal tapes repeatedly inform many they are not good enough, nor qualified, nor skilled enough, and many other messages which keep the creative energy bottled up until it whithers away.

Now I’m going to see if others made comments about your article. When I left it last it was only you and I. I also want to see some other things you’ve written.

Be well.

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