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Ryuu Gōrudo
6 min readJul 21, 2022


“Please know I hold the blueprint but each of you has a pencil and later a pen to finalize this.” — Ryoshi

Let’s face it — the crypto market is flooded to the brim with all kinds of projects, the more recent ones whose claim to fame is to restore a sense of nostalgia and become the successor to the ultra successful projects — whom only continue to set the bar higher and higher. By capturing the mindset of those who missed out, the space is now bearing witness to esoteric groups of influencers and developers who are forming massively successful projects under a generic over simplified narrative of being the next big thing. Investors share a common problem and that is — getting in them early.

What it really boils down to is investing what you can afford to lose into good projects, buying them early and holding the tokens until they are worth epic amounts of real world money.

Now let’s talk briefly about trends.

Nobody can say with 100% certainty what the next macro trend will be for crypto currency. Could it be another blockchain? Surely it can’t be another simple ERC20 token, but if so what would it be about — dragons? It’s impossible to know before it is ultimately set in motion and thus it would be seemingly impossible to prepare oneself with enough confidence to profit from such an unknown. Currently, profiting from the crypto market is like this heavily guarded secret filled with greed, scams and endless loopholes. However, if the real secret were to somehow be made more accessible to everyone, then perhaps there would be a sharp rise in overall market growth.

That’s where Ryuu Gōrudo comes into play.

Ryuu Gōrudo — is a platform which has its own ERC20 token called $RYUU, it is this platform that makes it easy for anyone to get in early on new tokens and projects that have a high probability of achieving multi million and even billion dollar market cap valuations and taking virtually no risk while the platform’s token itself is a 100% tax free token — no developer fee , no bullshit— which means minimal speculation risk and very high market cap potential. This might sound too good to be true, but keep reading to find out how this is actually possible!

Before we delve into more specifics, here is a brief synopsis on how it works.

An investor will buy $RYUU tokens and stake (lock) them on the Ryuu platform, the platform will collect and pool a small percentage of the staked (locked) Ryuu tokens into a wallet which is solely controlled by something called a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), the DAO is governed by the Ryuu Staking Platform, which will then target and buy new token launches or even community (insider) voted token launches to purchase. The tokens that Ryuu buys are filtered through a strict set of DAO controlled rules, ensuring that the platform will not buy bad projects that are likely to be scams or rug pulls. These freshly purchased tokens are then distributed back to the staked wallets in a 1:1 proportion in order of percentage by the size of the staked position. For example, if your staked position is equal to 1% of the entire stake pool, then you will receive 1% of any and all tokens that Ryuu buys in the future forever, until you end your stake.

The Ryuu DAO allows stakers of $RYUU to vote on various platform actions. To name a few, we have — whitelisting smart contracts, update token sniffer preferences (filter rules), max buy limits (in total supply percentage and or USD value thresholds), max order limits and more. The DAO will update at a constant frequency every hour, whereas if no inputs are specified or meet the minimum required votes, then the previous settings are kept. These DAO controls will most likely change and update over time as the community sees fit. The platform is entirely operational from funds collected by taxes via opening and closing stakes and any input from the community is taken to heart when updating the staking platform.

Ryuu’s platform operations are independent from inputs from its DAO and early on it will primarily operate without community staker’s inputs via default settings. A few of these settings for example, are — token sniffing tool preferences such as honeypot, renounced ownership, token distribution, market cap, token age and liquidity lock checkers. This allows the Ryuu platform to essentially scan the blockchain for safe and valid new token pairs buying only the ones that pass the DAO preferences according to these default thresholds.

Once a stake position is opened, that position will continue to receive tokens from new projects that Ryuu buys without ever decreasing the staked position’s value or taxing open positions any further, as long as there are sufficient funds in the DAO to continue buying new tokens and meeting thresholds.

Ryuu even comes with automatic marketing for itself.

Building an external fee structure that supplies token buying power to the staking platform means that $RYUU itself will never need to change, migrate or have an owner which allows the actual Ryuu community staking/sniping platform to evolve and improve independently via proxy smart contracts. It even allows the possibility of including other well known, widely held blue chip tokens to be staked in the exact same way on the same platform, opening up exciting opportunities for partnerships and massive marketing exposure!

The first external token to be included in the Ryuu staking platform will be $TSUKA, by staking external tokens such as $TSUKA, it will allow you to enter the staker pool and collect tokens that the platform buys in the same exact way as when staking $RYUU but the only difference is that you will not receive DAO voting rights. $RYUU stakers have exclusive voting rights within the Ryuu DAO allowing you to contribute to tweaking DAO filters and controls and also proposing and voting for proposed updates to the core of the platform.

One final remark before this article gets too long.

We believe that the scope of this project should not be entitled to just one blockchain (Ethereum). Though, initially (for marketing’s sake) it is the best blockchain to start with, even though gas fees are sometimes incredibly high and may require stakers to claim tokens from the platform rather than automatically receiving them. We understand this and are prepared to bring this technology to all well known chains (starting with EVM chains) such as BSC, FTM, Polygon, Avalanche and then moving on to other chains such as Solana and the list goes on.

To build a successful platform like this, to us it is not so difficult, but it does take time, money and a passionate team to make it happen. Luckily we are a team of highly skilled developers who have what it takes to make it happen in a timely manner whilst sharing a genuine passion for the future of cryptocurrency and also whatever new trend may emerge from this incredible space. We can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world! We are here to put an end to blind aping and to create a safer and healthier environment for both new and experienced crypto investors alike!

Join The Ryuu Gōrudo community and contribute to the greatest staking platform of all time as we grow into the next cryptocurrency sensation:

Telegram — https://t.me/ryuu_gorudo
Twitter — https://twitter.com/Ryuu_Gorudo

Website — https://ryuu.ai/

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