The courage to be single and gay

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Love. It seems to be the zenith of one’s interpersonal relationship, something to strive for and dedicate effort to search for it. Yet, love is elusive, and everyone seems to struggle to find it. Hearing stories about straight people convinced me that true love was rare, and a secret only a few could unveil.

There is worse; however, a harsh reality lived by gay people.

If true love seems to exist for straight men and women, it feels like something impossible to find for gay people.

I grew up in a generation where being gay was considered out of the normal, it still is today, and where role model for young guys like me didn’t exist. …

Part 1/2: How to train yourself to work with what you have and be more efficient at what you do

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So, you’ve decided to become a freelance writer. It’s about time. After waiting for so long, dreaming about the perfect moment to do it, you finally took a leap of faith.

Here you are now, learning new things every day, searching for inspiration and your signature, in a quest to find the best way to write and make a living out of it. And you did! You found your niche, you’re perfecting your craft and somehow monetized from it.

At first, you managed to balance your full-time job and your writing career well, but then excuses started being made and time being wasted. …

Part 2/4: How to save up to 15h a week to work on your writing career and find the best place to be creative

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So far, you have learned what to do to be productive and how to do it (check part 1 of the series Beginner Freelancer: The struggle for productivity). Now let’s take a look at when and where you can actually put these tips into practice.

When is the best time for you to be productive?

What a question. I would say whenever. It all depends on the mood, the inspiration, the topic, what task you are currently performing. However, your full-time job doesn’t allow you to be productive whenever. You need to be strategic in finding what works for you and when. …


Ryuuga Arno

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