Launched Reader Mode on Product Hunt and featured 1st 🎉

Ryzal Yusoff
Nov 16 · 2 min read

If you have been following me on Twitter, you might have known that I’ve been working on a chrome extension called Reader Mode for the past month.

Reader Mode It’s a chrome extension that remove clutter and ads from any articles and let you read in a nice, distraction-free “Reader Mode”. It is easily customizable and packed with features such as Text annotating, Text-to-speech and features for dyslexics.

I did a soft launch last week to gather some early users and feedback, and the result was phenomenal! A lots of people were trying out my product and I have received tons of brilliant feedback and suggestions. The soft launch was done on the Product Hunt itself and also on my Twitter:

And so anyway, today on 16th of November 2019, Reader Mode was officially launched, now live on Product Hunt and currently at number #1! 🎉

You can check it out here:

You feedback and supports today are very much appreciated! 🙏❤️

And oh yeah, I also did post on Twitter today (of course :P) and I’m giving away 3 PRO versions of Reader Mode for free to 3 random people that retweeted this tweet:

Really can’t wait to see how far Reader Mode can go on Product Hunt. And if you would like to follow the updates, you can follow me on twitter at @ryzalyusoff

For the final result though, you could either visit my Twitter or comes back to this post as I will post the result at the end of the day 😊

That’s all for now, have a nice day! ❤️


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