From November to February, FricanDuo has had the pleasure to work with a start up called SociAbility.

SociAbility is building an app to empower disabled people to explore their communities with confidence, ease and peace of mind by collecting and sharing detailed, reliable and accurate accessibility information for hospitality and retail venues.

We were extremely excited to take this project on, as not only did it align with our values, but it’s also a bad-ass idea 😎.

The objective was to enhance the user experience of the application. Now this sounds simple enough, but with a 3 month time limit…

There comes a point with many companies where there is a decision to rebrand and there could be many reasons for this. It may be because of boredom, may be impulsive or just because someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend said they don’t like the colour orange. Many reasons! As a studio I would like to believe that we are doing it for the right reason.

Our first humble logo was born in a cafe, where two excited individuals had come up with an idea. One Ghanaian lad and one Ethiopian lass had decided to create a platform that changes the norm of western…

Two months ago I had the pleasure of working with Comuzi on a service design project for Waltham Forest Council. The aim of this project is to improve the opportunities of young people within the borough. This was a 6 week intensive set of sprints, and boy oh boy did we create content. I’m honestly surprised at how much work we managed to produce in such a short amount of time. This is a true testament to Comuzi’s working ethos and commitment to upholding professional standards.

Now this was the first time I worked on a public sector project, so…

So on 26th February 2017 I finished my 3 month ‘Creative in Residence’ program with Livity. Coming from a full time role as a UX/UI Designer I started this program in hopes to launch a freelance career and these are my top 3 experiences from Livity.

Starting a home renovation project/plan for the first time can be daunting, especially when you know the outcome you want to achieve but aren’t entirely sure where to start or exactly what to look for. Reni wanted to solve this by acting as a bespoke guidebook for customers who want to understand or get involved in home renovations.

I took this project on as a Product Designer with Airbyte, a shnazzy collective of computer scientists. It was a tight deadline however we aimed to get as much user research done to make sure it was a useful tool.

Everyone likes a good ‘ole design trend and you should! Some trends have spearheaded the innovations we love today, however not all of them are good for the online populace. It’s easy to fall into the trap of designing something because it looks cool, rather than focusing on elements like, readability, inclusivity and general functionality.

Just before I start, I would like to state that I am in no way shaming these design examples. Most of them are beautifully designed and strong in other areas, however it can be easy to fall into these traps:

Like any newbie freelance designer I had no idea what branding actually was, nor did I realize that I was only 2/8 of the way there. Whenever someone approached me for design work I always gave them this package; a logo, business card & a flyer/poster. As a result, I developed my own process for creating consistent colour palettes and selecting primary typefaces. My understanding of both elements has certainly come a long way.

So what typefaces did I use?

First of all this was when I used to call typefaces “fonts”…*sigh* I was one of those humans so don’t judge!

Here’s a link to explain…

Ryzard Akita

I’m a Digital Product Designer, with over a decade of freelance experience. Currently the Co-Founder of Fricanduo a digital design studio.

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