We’re rebranding!

Ryzard Akita
May 27 · 2 min read

There comes a point with many companies where there is a decision to rebrand and there could be many reasons for this. It may be because of boredom, may be impulsive or just because someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend said they don’t like the colour orange. Many reasons! As a studio I would like to believe that we are doing it for the right reason.

Our first humble logo was born in a cafe, where two excited individuals had come up with an idea. One Ghanaian lad and one Ethiopian lass had decided to create a platform that changes the norm of western design, to explore and appreciate African design, that is our passion. In our excitement we weren’t thinking about how to present ourselves as a studio more just as a community hub. Although we weren’t wrong to think like this we did make mistakes in the early stages of this decision.

For example what do we want to be known for? This seems like a basic question that deserves a basic answer, however it got so complex so quickly. Under Fricanduo we hosted two events, planned a podcast/book idea and worked with over 6 clients in the space of 6 months. We didn’t like the idea of putting all our eggs into one basket, but in reality we needed a focus. We understood that at the core of our ambitions we wanted to create a community/tribe, but realised that this alone will take time.

Then comes our studio, to build on this community/tribe we needed a foundation. We are two highly skilled designers (a tad biased), who aspire to work on projects that will change the world. Our studio is our social & financial backbone to help support these ambitions and passions of ours. We want to treat our social work more as a projects instead of hobbies, which is exactly what we’re doing now #missingscripts.

In conclusion, we‘ve changed the way we work, it’s about time our brand changes too.

~ Keep an eye out! 😎

Ryzard Akita

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I’m a Digital Product Designer, with over a decade of freelance experience. Currently the Co-Founder of Fricanduo a digital design studio. www.ryzard.com