A new digital economy started less than 72 hours ago. And it’s simply amazing.

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Great news today!

Tim Berners-Lee made his proposal for a new Web based on strong data ownership. Could there be a better start? Now everyone has the opportunity to do their part, even those who seem to have no convenience.

We breathe digital oxygen.

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Data and algorithms are everywhere! But where?

Service is life, at the beating of bits.

The need to adapt to the environment today takes on a computational meaning: we are biological organisms that have a digital twin.

Unique, standardized, personalized, algorithmic.

Standardized as a synonym of universal, of averagely perfect and perfectly average.

It took a while to understand this, but today data is in the rooms of the balance sheet. And the algorithms too.

The algorithm is at the center of the world and is nurtured with care, because it represents both an asset and the UX at the same time.

From a secret recipe to a free ingredient: the new life of the algorithm.

More than an engine to be installed in the engine room, the algorithm is an ingredient for data-recombination reactions running “on the edge”.

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An agent of “personal elabo-relation”.

Intelligent recombination-agents, personalized by design.

Symbolically, the service factory of the future is in our hands. (No, I’m not referring to the smartphone).

In the era of personal elabo-report agents, the ingredients of digital service are combined at the lowest point possible and this is the last frontier of personalization.

“Broadcast” citizenship (from the mainframe to the marketplace).

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee (ph. By Paul Clarke, CC BY-SA 4.0)

A new data-driven economy is being formed by recombining data and algorithms in a different way than before.

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