Data ownership is the only way the Web can take us to an amazing place. There is only one thing to do…

Riccardo Zanardelli
Oct 3, 2018 · 2 min read
Dear Web, you’re going to be fine (ph. Camille Orgel / unsplash)

On September 28th TimBL proposed a way to fix the Web. Now this can turn into an unprecedented fight or lead to the constitution of a beautiful new Web.

I’m going to say it straight, no fear.

The Web is at a turning point, plagued by weak data ownership and inequality resulting from a freedom which was supposed to be right and fruitful. The only solution to save the current digital ecosystem is a global alliance around the recent proposal of Tim Berners-Lee.

All the relevant players of the Web should agree to deploy a Solid POD for each of their users and cooperate to make POD federation feasible and easy.

By making this, they will give each of their mission a new colorful meaning and they will also gradually adapt their processes to coexist and integrate with a new strong data ownership.

At the same time, they will be given a renewed trust and confidence by the community, recognizing the effort of critically reinventing themselves toward a greater collective purpose.

With great power comes great responsibility. No one is obliged to change, everyone should feel compelled to.

Riccardo Zanardelli is Beretta’s Digital Business Development Manager. Graduated in Engineering, he obtained a Masters in Business Administration and has done most of his professional career in B2B and B2C marketing. Since 2016, he deals with business transformation and digital services. Passionate about the digital economy and informational privacy, in 2018 he published “OPAL and Code-contract: a model of responsible and efficient data ownership for citizens and businesses”. He is a member of the advisory board of “Quota 8000 — Service Innovation Hub” at TEH Ambrosetti. Since 2000 he deals with digital art as an independent researcher. Some of his projects have been acquired from the permanent ArtBase collection of — NY (2002) and exhibited at the Montreal Biennial of Contemporary Art (2004), as well as at Interface Monthly (London, 2016, by The Trampery and Barbican). In 2015, he released FAC3, one of the first artworks in the world to experiment the use of artificial intelligence. He is married and father of two.

    Riccardo Zanardelli

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    Digital Platforms @ Beretta | Engineering | New Media Arts

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