Right Angle Gearbox with Ball Screw Assembly | SMD Gearbox

3 min readFeb 19, 2022



A Ball Screw is a Linear Actuator that translates rotational motion with Linear motion. They are made to close tolerances and are therefore suitable for use in situations in which high precision is necessary. The Ball Screw are used in the industries which needs high positional accuracy such as semi-conductor manufacturing, Machine Tools and Robotics Industry. Ball Screw also reduces Backlash in lead screw and nut combinations. Ball screw are more efficient and require less torque. The Additional advantage of Ball Screw over lead screw is it needs to be replaced less frequently. Ball screws are better for applications that require smooth motion, efficiency, accuracy, precision and prolonged continuous or high-speed movement. Traditional lead screws are more suitable for simple transfer applications for which speed, accuracy, precision, and rigidity are not as critical. The Ball Screw are of three types i.e. cylindrical body with key, flanged and v-thread.


In Right Angle Gearbox the drive shaft and the output are arranged in 90 degrees. Right-angle gearboxes are used in numerous types of mechanical designs, including automotive transmissions and industrial applications. Right Angle Reducers are ideal in these settings because they are compact, efficient, reliable and durable. Right Angle gearboxes are ideal when a drive line needs to turn a corner or one drive line needs to power multiple devices from one motor. With the potential to change the direction of force and the operating angle of machinery hence this gearbox can use in applications where there are space constrains.

SMD Right angle gearboxes has a various model in sizes which has their own torque producing capacity of up to 800 NM. SMD do provides gearboxes which has Easy and functional shaft-mounting design where choosing the shaft diameters are the option. Due to enclosed design it requires very less maintenance. SMD right angle gearbox has high reliability and better test performance. SMD Gearboxes are available in two variants such as Hollow Shaft Type and Solid Shaft Type. The available reduction ratio of this Gearbox ranges from 1:1 to 1:200 thus these Right Angle Speed Reducer is suitable for low and intermitted motion. SMD technocrats works on new designs of Right Angle Gearbox and has developed its various versions where SMD provides Right Angle Gearbox with two way output, Right Angle Gearbox with three way output, shaft Input and hollow output etc.


SMD has developed a Gearbox with Ball screw solution where ball screw passes throughout the Gearbox. In many cases where there is a Ball Screw application either there is a movement in Ball Screw or there is a movement in Nut and the Gearbox is placed at the end which increases the costing of the customer. Due to this SMD has developed a solution where the Gearbox is directly used between the Ball Screw replacing the Nut. In this solution the orientation can be achieved vertically or horizontally and ratio 1:1 to 200:1 can be achieved.


1) Gearbox assembly replaces Nut.

2) Motor can be Mounted.

3) Less costing.

4) More Durable.

5)Gearbox has threading like Nut.




Our Company Name SMD stands for SEIMITSU MOTION DRIVES as a trailblazer in the solution provider of various types of industrial Gearbox in Taiwan.