SMD Gearbox in Rotary Indexing Table.

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SMD Hollow Rotary Gearbox

SMD Hollow Rotary Gearbox, ST Series resembles a Hollow Rotary Table that offers optimized load Capacity, Speed an Torque. Depending on the application the client can choose between the motors as this a very compact mechanism and can be mounted in any position where the space needs to be saved. This Gearbox is basically a combination of Servo motor and Turn table and are mostly used for Indexing. This Gearbox takes full advantage of Servo motor giving mechanical team great scope for designing.

Applications :-

1) Indexing Table.

2) Rotating Stage.

3) Packaging Machine.

4) Defence Industry.

5) Laser Making Machines.

6) Robot arm Joints.

7) Welding.

8) Drilling.

9) Assembly line.

10) Nut Runner etc.

How to Achieve Higher Ratio while using SMD Hollow Rotary Reducer?

Higher Ratios can be achieved by using this Gearbox in combination with right Angle or Planetary Gearbox. For some applications a bigger reduction ratio is needed and mostly because of this the users eliminates the use of this Gearbox. SMD Provides a solution where this Gearbox can be used with the other Gearboxes as per the required ratio.

Advantages of SMD Hollow Rotary Gearbox : -

1) Improves Reliability and provides Direct Connections.

2) High Positional Accuracy.

3) Large Hollow Structure for concise Wiring and Piping.

4) Simple and Reliable deign.

5) Larger Reduction achievable through combinations.

6) Cross Roller Bearing increase in load capacity.

7) Provides High Rigidity and Torque.

8) Space saving and Easy Installation.

What is Rotary Table ?

Rotary Table works as high Precision Positioning device which can be manual or machine operated. The table is the machined precision disc to which the work piece is clamped. The Rotary table are also called Turn tables. A Rotary table provides control of positioning for angular motions. Tables use electric motors for either cam drives or servo tables. Important parameters for rotary indexing tables include the needed resolution of the, the required repeatability and accuracy, and other mechanical parameters such as acceptable levels of backlash. A rotary indexing table can be used in many applications including manufacturing, inspection, and assembly tasks.

SMD Gearbox in Rotary Table :-

Lets take example of SMD ST 130 Gearbox , a standard Hollow Rotary reducer consist of cross roller bearing which is used on output bearing table, which sustain high load and high Rigidity.

Maximum permissible Axial load — 980 N

Maximum permissible radial load — 1960 N

Maximum permissible momentum — 84.32 Nm.

Indexing Plate is mounted on Hollow Rotary Gearbox (ST 130) and 6 cylinder of mass 9 kg per cylinder are placed radially on the indexing table.

Axial Load Calculation:-

An Axial load exerted on table with total mass of :-

( 9 Kg × 6 piece + 25 kg ) × 9.81 = 774.9 N

The Permissible Axial load of ST 130 is 980, Hence calculated axial load is within the permissible value.

Momentum Calculation:-

When 9 kg load is placed 15 150 mm from the center of the table the momentum is

(9 kg × 9.81 × 0.15 m) = 13.24 Nm.

The Permissible moment of ST !30 is 84.32 Nm, Hence calculated momentum is within the permissible value.

Hence from the above calculation for application of Indexing table it states that a high rigidity Hollow Rotary Actuator allows a large load from the center to be driven easily.

In this type of arrangement, Hollow Rotary Gearbox can be placed vertically, Horizontally and in wall mounted direction. When it is placed in vertical ceiling direction, there will be tensile load going to act on a Gearbox and when it is placed in wall mounted direction, there will be cantilever or overhang load to act on a Gearbox. When there is Horizontal installation, the Gearbox will work excellently even when direct axial or compressive load is acting while working. In all this types of installation and mountings while various loads are acting the Gearbox will work errorless without any concerns.

SMD Gearbox is a now a Market Leader in various types of Servo Gearboxes and is known in market to provide cost effective solutions. SMD Technocrats are in close contact with the customer and provide UpToDate solution regarding the Customized products. SMD Gearbox are widely used in Automation, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, Machine tool, etc.

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