Falling is the problem!


I would love to push my pain over a cliff and see it break into thousands of small pieces.To laugh at my pain in full face, and say it’s over.

But I am of a nameless weakness these days. I do not even know if I want to scream, cry or pull myself out of here.

Actually I do not know if I’m fine or not.

Time goes too fast and the pain takes its ease.

The truth was too sad for my naivete. So yes, I take time to take everything, and yes I am a poor fool to have believed. I am lost somewhere between those feelings that hurt so much, my self-love, my dismay, my sadness and the hope that one day it finally stops.

Each fall his pain but why do I feel that it is getting worse and worse. Faster but more intense. I hate myself so badly to have believed it.

Once again, even more.