Do you believe in ‘luck’?

What is luck? What about fairness?

Based on the common idea, luck is something that happens by hazard. Something that turns out to be positive in our life. Luck is easy and requires no work, no effort. It happens without any reason.

However, Some people give credit to luck too often while it’s not necessarily what is best for us. I believe in hard work. Sometimes is all about the amount of effort!

I’m not saying that luck doesn’t exist. You cannot control everything that comes in your life hence the importance of learning how to welcome them as a blessing or a lesson to finally let go when there is no reason to hold on.

However, ‘luck’ is commonly use as an excuse. Let me explain why.

Let’s take an example. Have you ever received a positive news like a super job offer, a good grade or a rare gift? Meanwhile, have you already heard something like: ‘You’re so lucky, I wish I could be that lucky’? I assume you’ve already heard that, right?

Have you ever considered the fact that I worked hard to have these things happen to me?

Or do you really believe life is un unfair retribution ? Do you think it’s how it works?

What a cruel world, don’t you think?

Yes, some people grow up without having any financial issues, without knowing what it is to be broken. Some of us grow up surrounded by their whole family and have, what we call nowadays, ‘a normal life’. But it’s not the case for everyone in this world.

We are 7,55 billion of human beings distributed in 510,1 Million of km 2. In many societies, the richest ten percent control more than half of the total wealth. What about the rest? Have you ever thought about this child who fights for his life, of this mother who raises her children alone and who must work harder than her colleagues because she doesn’t receive any help or what about those people who fight for their Human rights and freedom?

If you want something, you gotta fight for this instead of complaining !

We often point out what is not right!

We end up unhappy, frustrated about the life we have. We always compare ourselves to people who have everything in appearances. BUT appearances are just appearances! Just because someone is smiling that everything is perfect.

You’ll be surprise to know how amazing we all are when it comes to fake our life because we can’t handle failures and weaknesses.

The reality is something else. Why don’t we stop putting the blame on bad luck when something doesn’t turn out the way we wanted.

Everyone is struggling at some point. And guess what? It’s part of the journey!

So, let’s time to think about what could have been worse. Let’s take time to treat ourselves for all the hard work we’ve done until now. And if you’re not satisfied with your life, you must work harder to reach your goal.

Look outside, get out of you zone of comfort.

Stop complaining about what you don’t have and what you would like to have. Realize every little blessing that comes to you, from this stranger who smiles at you, or a good laugh with your friends, to this amazing piece of cake you are dying of envy to eat while being too conscious about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

Who said that life was easy? No one. But it’s not a reason to let ‘luck’ drives us.

Yes, there is a part of our life related to ‘luck’ like growing up in a safe place or having the last piece of red velvet cake (Yes, I’m obsessed with cake). Yes, that is luck! But having the life you’ve always dreamed about is not ‘luck’. Luck is certainly not enough to control our lives

So now,
Breath in
Breath out
And Decide.

Is this the life I want?

Is this the job I want to do?

Do I want to spend the rest of my life with him/her?

Who I am? Who I want to be?

Define who you want to be. Draw the life you want. Invest in yourself because if you don’t do it for you nobody will. And trust me it’s worth trying!

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