Holding on feels like dying

If you fall, I fall with you


Write something about us. Think about us, think about me.

Tell me you’ve never felt something like this.

Tell me what we had was special, unique.

That I’m the only one who could make you feel good, who could understand you.

Tell me that you will never forget me no matter what.
Did you feel it? or am I the only one?

Or Maybe we wanted to believe it because we were both scared to be lonely.

But babe, explain me the point of falling for each other if we fail in love again?

Why did you make these promises? Promises are not made to be broken and I’ve never asked you to do so. Am I not worth it enough to make you stay?

You know what is unfair? You’re the only one who made me forget the one who broke me into pieces when nobody has managed to do it. 
But here we go again, broken again, even worse than before.

I hate you as much as I love you

Don’t you dare tell me you still love me when you didn’t fight for us. There is a difference between ‘loving the idea of love’ and actually ‘loving’. You got confused, but let me tell you something. You don’t love me.

“I’m Scared”

What are you scared of ? Cheating, not being able to be with someone else again?

Healthy relationship doesn’t involve fear of loss. It’s attachment.

Maybe I was naive and got lost in your eyes but never really had a chance. It’s sad because I really though you were the one. Unfortunately, You’re still the one that I adore.

I’m having a very hard time at the moment. I’m still trying to find answers to my questions. I hate you but I hate myself even more. It’s like I want to throw you off from a cliff and risk everything to catch you from the bottom. If you fall, I fall with you.

Dear Heart, letting go is hard but do you know what hurts even more? Holding on for nothing…